[EXTENSION] E-mail validator using SMTP

Feel free to post your comments or bug reports:


Waiting for a license clarification from the author of the “inspirational class” to upload the extension :)

Licensing clarified, file uploaded  ;D

The translations are specified in your messages file, and there you can use whatever cat you want, as long as it corresponds to one used in the code.

Ok, here is what I’ve done: In protected/messages/nl I’ve created the category file yii.php which returns the following array:

return array(

    	'The e-mail address is invalid.' => 'Ongeldig email adres',


When I run my code the message is not translated. However if I modify your code and change the category name to xyz and of course the category file too, it works!

Furthermore, there is this ereg warning (ereg is deprecated), which is in email_validation.php at line 162


Hii, thanks for SMTP validator extension. Can you do me a favor, can you explain in brief, how to set the extension and how i call the extension in my Yii function?

Thanks in advance!

I tried downloading the emailsmtpvalidator extension into protected/extensions folder and change the model accordingly but the email validation error message still does not appear even if i only type "aaa" in the email textfield.

There are no errors and all, just that the email validation does not seem to work. Do I need to download any other things?

Has anyone encounter this before and know why this happens? Any way to resolve?