extension devs!

Just as a general issue coming from a new yii user:

I recently switched from using frameworks such as rails and django in order to find something that I could make perform decently on a multitude of server deployments as well as release projects as opensource and guarantee that people can run them on everything from their $2/mo godaddy hosting all the way to their own private dedicated machine.

The main thing yii lacks in comparison to my previously used frameworks is the sheer volume of communities and community participation - but it does seem to be growing. In order to help it grow a little more, I’ve requested the following of all Yii extension developers:

Before putting your extension up - please don’t hide the install, changelog, or readme files inside of a package that users must download in order to read.

The majority of the extensions are well documented for features and usage on their page, but a good number of them aren’t still.

Please put any pertinent ‘install’ or ‘readme’ files up on your extension page, and please have some simple ‘use’ examples that cover all the major functionalities of your extension, as well as how to instantiate your extension.

I have a load of zips and dirs of extensions to wade through now in order to find one that does whatever functionality I’m currently looking for.

This is just meant as constructive criticism - I love Yii and its helpful community. The docs, code, and tutorials are wonderful, and the docs the extension developers put together are generally awesome as well - half the time they still just seem to be bundled with the extensions themselves instead of on the extension’s page.

Thank you Yii community!


I agree that the extension library is getting a bit out of hand an unwieldy. I know there are some plans for a package manager for Yii2, but it seems to remain that browsing extensions…etc could still use some help.

I like the github model where it will automatically display a readme in markdown when it’s detected in the root directory, since it’s a really simple standard to support, and doesn’t require “extra” work on the part of the developer. Probably wouldn’t be too much work to extract just the README.md from a given extension.zip file every time it is uploaded…