[EXTENSION] customizing Yii-user

I am a beginner in Yii and very short on time so I would like to ask for help.

I do have general understanding of Yii of course.

I installed the Yii-user extension and I want to customize it the following way:

When the user is registering I want to display a radio button (or drop down list) with the options register person and register company and depending on the choice different profile tables would be used.

For register person

tbl_profiles and tbl_profiles_fields

For register business

rbl_business_profiles and tbl_business_profile_fields

So when someone chooses the register business choice the fields from the business_profiles_fields would become visible instead of the ones in profiles_fields. Update operations should only work on the tables that were chosen when the user was registered.

Some hints on what files I should change and how would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting idea, take a look at

  • modules/user/models/User.php
  • modules/user/models/Profile.php
  • modules/user/models/ProfileField.php
  • modules/user/views/*.php

Best wishes.


I am Yii-user extension and i wanted to change my registration form changed, mean to change fields on the registration form,


Please reply @ this link,