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This is nice, I did miss this feature, maybe it should be implemented mainstream into Yii

True, the params array alone isn’t enough for most applications I think.

Looks good. Would be good if there was a console command or something similar to set it all up (so that you didn’t have to manually set things in phpMyadmin).

Thanks. Since version 1.1 (which I’ve added some minutes later after first release), you can set $strictMode to false.

Hope that helps.

Just interested - why creating THE SAME extension if the one was created before: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/dbparam/

Yes, I didn’t support it, however it is fully written and working. Taking that one and tweaking could save lots of work :) It is documented everywhere.

I knew your extension (didn’t tried it though) and I choosed to create my own class when I read in review that you don’t store the data serialized. When I finished the class I did some rewrite and released it as extension. It wasn’t in my mind to do a “better” extension or something. I just wrote it for me with the features I needed and when finished I thought others will like it too.

Here’s another one by the way. :mellow:

Hi. How i use cache? what is the cacheID?

Can you give me a example?