Extension class not found

Hi, I am using this extension called itsurka/yii2-simple-comment to enable a commenting feature for my blog posts. According to the extension documentation I have installed it using composer and then used migration. At the end of the documentation it says to enable the extension just add "<?php echo SimpleComment::widget([

'model' =&gt; &#036;model,

'author' =&gt; &#036;user,

'authorNameAttribute' =&gt; 'username'

]); ?>" to the code.

So I tried adding it to my posts view.php and I get this error - Class ‘SimpleComment’ not found.

Can anyone help?

its a namespace issue

<?php echo itsurka\simpleComment\SimpleComment::widget([

'model' => $model,

'author' => $user,

'authorNameAttribute' => 'username'

]); ?>

Thanks for your reply.

However I get the following error now:

"Undefined variable: user"

check your action and make sure you are passing a $user variable to the view