[EXTENSION] apcinfo

After the funtastic cornify extension I decided to provide something useful this time: apcinfo is a module that is supposed to go into the backend of your application. It helps to monitor the Alternative PHP Cache by providing some simple statistics, an overview of all runtime configuration options and a full listing of the opcode- and usercache-content of APC. It even allows you to delete single entries from the usercache, purge the cache entirely or clean the opcode cache by removing files from it that have been modified on the disk since they’ve been cached (which is most useful if you’ve got apc.stat=0 set on your deployment system).

The idea is to provide functionality similar to that of the apc.php that comes with the APC documentation. It is not yet feature-complete as e.g. the charts displaying cache fragmentation are missing. But it’s in quite usable shape.

Hm, this just came to my attention: If you’re using path-style URLs in your application, you might not be able to view and delete entries in the user cache if the key of those entries is not numeric.

The extension has been updated to fix aforementioned bug.

Updated. apcinfo can now visualize cache fragmentation.