Extending an extension

Hi to all,

I made a parameter in the main-application-config named ‘status’ to have the possibility hiding some links if the status of my application is ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’.

My question is now, what the best way is to use this parameter in modules I am using in my application?

For example I’d like to hide the registration-link in yii-user-extension.

I am new to object oriented programming, so please describe your answers, why it is the best way.

thanks and best regards!

There is only one way you can use (assuming you’re using the params in the config file, you’re not very clear on that TBH):


As far as I know that’s the only way you can access the params, and it’s the same from everywhere in the code (whether your in a simple controller, module, etc, etc).

Hi, I Know how to get the param.

My question is if I have to extend the extension by inheritance or if there is another way for using a parameter of the application in the extensions that is much better.

Noone who can help?