Extend Gridview


Is isset some extension or smth(module) else for GridView for Yii2 or Yii

which extend main functionality for search.

For example in filter of username you type

and right now Grid find all includes Tom name,

but i want smtn like

or for example



or find ID which is

You don’t need an extension for this. You just need to edit your model search method, and change the query criteria, which triggers the filter query, and generates your grid dataProvider.

It’s a hardcode way(not good one).

I want universal, you way it’s to make your own parser or queries but i am looking of maybe ready extensions.

For example client need by himself create 100 of Grid tables, it’s not good to make 100 copies of search methods

Yii’s GridView relies on the source data from a dataProvider and the related query you build for that - to do filtering.

If you feel you have to extend, instead of GridView… IMO… you should try to extend the DataProvider or build/extend a Model class/method which generates this DataProvider.