Ext 4 Yii

Has anyone used this? If so, is it worth it?? It looks like a Flex killer.


I have some issues with how some of the ui code stores domain validation. Still interesting though.

I don’t recommend using it. You pay the price of performance and overcomplicate things, need to learn new syntax wich isn’t ideal and still requires you to use JavaScript code blocks. With this lib you need to learn 2 worlds: ext4yii & ext itself (it’s now called sencha.com, by the way).

Instead I recommend using some GUI WYSYWIG tools for Ext and then use JSON (or JS if you prefer) format for GUI.

Wow its so cool, ::)

maybe its just me, but why the loading is to long?

i will check my bandwidth…

The problem is the bandwidth on our side. We are going to move the server somewhere else next year.