Export dataprovider into csv in yii2

Hello all,
How can I export dataprovider into csv. I have gone through Export Menu - © Kartik , I have implemented this and working fine. Krajee is allowing for user choice to export in which type like csv, xlsx etc. But I want in csv format directly, without allowing user to choose. Please suggest us the right way.

Thank you in advance.

See Export Config


array , is the configuration for each export format above. This must be setup as an associative array as $key => $setting pairs. The array keys ($key ) must be the one of the format constants:

  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_HTML ou 'Html'
  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_CSV ou 'Csv'
  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_TEXT ou 'Txt'
  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_PDF ou 'Pdf'
  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_EXCEL ou 'Xls'
  • ExportMenu::FORMAT_EXCEL_X ou 'Xlsx'