Export data, fast method


I have a problem with export data from grid view to excel file.

My table has only 1500 records(join 4 big tables) and it during above 30seconds.

I’m trying ExportMenu and ExcelView widght but always time is >30sec.

This extension should provide export with filters values.

What should I do to get a positive result?

Thanks for help!


Have you checked how much time sql query need to get data?

This is important to understand if problem is in sql query or exporting excel.

Tips: if you haven’t done, make foreign keys as INDEX in database table.

When I have dataProvider how can I display a SQL query?

I think problem is in SQL because gridView have a pagination and for each page make : select … join join join

It cost too much time.

How prepare dateProvider in ExportMenu to use filters and export full table?

I try optimize a query to database:

/* 1 query: 0,203 sec. (+ 0,672 sec. network) */

    $query = Model1::find();

    $query2 = Model2::find()->groupBy('ID');

    	$query3 = Model3::find()->groupBy('ID');

    	$query4 = Model4::find();



    			'model2' => $query2

    	], 'model2.ID = model1.ID');


    			'model3' => $query3

    	], 'model3.ID = model1.ID');



    			'model4' => $query4

    	], 'model4.ID = model1.ID');


        $dataProviderExcel = new ActiveDataProvider([

            'query' => $query,


I can’t find what cause a problem and I don’t known how optimize query.

How can I once SELECT all or SELECT using filters to xls.

dataProvider for each field make select many times it’s too many queries.

Should I turn off a pagination?

Thank for any help!