Explode String In The Cgridview


Table(id,name,values_list), where values_list is a string of values (exemple: "1,20,55,6");

is there a way to display this string in the CGridView to look like <span>1</span><span>20</span> …?

thank you

or even better:

<input type="text" value="1"><input type="text" value="55"> etc…

hello there you go

// in you gridview 


			'filter' => false,

			'name' => 'valueList',

			'type' => 'raw',


// in your model 

	public function getValueList()


		$parts = explode(',', $this->value_list);

		$html = '';

		foreach ($parts as $part)

			$html .= sprintf('<input type="text" value="%s">', $part);

		return $html;


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