Experienced Yii2 development team looking for small/medium projects

Company of 3 experienced programmers + 1 designer:

  1. Team leader that has about 6 years experience in Yii and Yii2.

  2. PHP developer 4 years expierience in Yii and Yii2

  3. FrontEnd developer (Html+CSS+jQuery)with basic PHP knowledge

  4. Designer with 6 years experience in Adobe products

Our team from Poland (presented above) works together for about 3 years. We specialize in small/medium projects and large data applications. We specialize in frameworks like Yii2, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation.

Our code is clean and easy to read. We know how to use well MVC, OOP etc. and we know how important it is to use it properly.

We use SVN daily.

We have experience with ElasticSearch and Sphinx (used on ~4GB mySQL databases with houndreds of thousands record). We know well how to work with 3rd parties. We know how to optimize large queries.

We do not have any communication problems. We are working as company for about 6 years is Poland, and now we’d like to open for foreign market. We have large Yii and Yii2 portfolio.

For any questions please send us email at biuro@condesign.pl.

Fell free to call us +48 513 069 339.