Experienced Yii Developer Start $35/hr And Up... Us Only


I am a project manager of a global eCommerce application developed in Yii. We are about 80% completed and will be launching in February. I am in-house as well as several other developers.

We are looking to pay staring at $35 for an experienced Yii developer. This job has potential for pay increase as well as possible benefits and a permanent position.

This will be 3 months initially at 40/hr per week and can turn permanent if you like the environment here.

I prefer a U.S. developer that can be in regular contact.

Please reply with any questions you might have…




We are Php company from Kolkata,India. We have a number of highly experienced Yii developers. We have successfully completed a number of diverse and complex projects based on Yii for a number of clients from Europe, the USA and UK.

Looking at your requirement, I believe we would be the suitable partners for your work and we can arrange a full-time developer for your work. There will be no problem with communication as you can always catch us on Skype, or via Email.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and be a part of your development team. I could send you a list of Yii projects that we have handled via email, if you would like that please.

Hi Jim!

I see it is not your first post for experienced Yii developer. What are the causes you can’t find the right person? ???

What is the main idea of the global eCommerce application? What functionality is already done? And what is rest?

Probably I can be helpful for you. I speak English well and can be in regular contact with you, so I do not see any obstacles to cooperate.

I’m highly experienced in Yii and have an awesome portfolio. I’ve worked for some USA and UK companies as a remote developer. I’m interested to get more details about your current tasks and will be glad to chat with you.

Looking forward to hearing you back