Experienced Yii Developer is needed

We are looking for experienced Yii developers to join our in-house development team on a project. Start date would be immediate. We’re based in Kuala Lumpr, Malaysia.

Our project is to develop intra-net inventory system. If you’re interested, You would co-develop modules by modules we assigned to you. There are 11 modules.


Deposit of 10% will given to you as our commitment and once you complete the module. We shall pay another 50%. after We test the business logic & error free. After we integrate into the main system successfully, we will pay the balance.

Our development stack includes the following technologies: Yii, Bitnami Stack (Postgresql, Apache, Linux)

We are seeking a developer with the following qualities:

  • Experience in Yii, jQuery, Postgresql.

  • Deadline driven

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Experience working in virtual teams

  • Knowledge about inventory system

If you are interested, please respond to shafii.abdullah@yahoo.com and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your experience level in Yii, Postgresql, inventory system, and virtual teams? Please provide your project referral/experience details.

  2. How much is fee quotation/module and availability?

(we shall give interface layout, graphics, DB schema, etc. You only need to code).

Still no reply ? I guess yii developer is really rewarding these days.

Haha~ Just emailed you, experience yii developer here. from J.B. Malaysia.

Well you asked for in house developers in Kuala Lumpr, Malaysia.

Its hardly an open market is it?