Experienced team of developers from Ukraine is available for a hire

Hi. Stanislav here. Due to war in our country, the majority of our clients stopped working with us. We’ve worked with best local Ukrainian healthcare providers, hospitals, and emergency heathcare providers throughout Ukraine. Worked with 50 clinics in Ukraine. We focus on building complex high-load web-based systems, e-commerce solutions, modern websites.

Our expertise (12 years in general) includes

  • Laravel 5 and higher
  • Yii 2-3
  • Vuejs 2-3
  • mySQL (including auroraDB on AWS), mssql, postgresql
  • devops on AWS (scalable balancers, microservice acrhitecture etc)
  • Wordpress

Ready for interesting projects. please contact me here or via Skype
email: uuitgroup@gmail.com

Peace to all