Exempt CButtonColumn from triggering selectionChange

Hello fellows,

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to generally or optionally exempt CButtonColumn from triggering the JavaScript in the selectionChanged-property. In my case I use it to select a default value. I call a controller action and change something in my database. But I also have an afore mentioned CButtonColumn where you have edit, view and delete buttons and clicking them should not raise the event selectionChanged.

I implemented this by adding this to my column configuration:

'htmlOptions' => array(

	'onclick' => 'jQuery.event.fix( event || window.event ).stopPropagation();'


As this is not a very handy piece of code I thought you could add an option to CButtonColumn to deactivate/activate that. Something like ‘selectionChangedEvent’ (actually I have no idea of a fitting name… this one sounds rather strange/nonexplanatory).

Thank you for your time!