Execute Yii functions inside JS files


well, the question is that i need to execute Yii functions inside some javascript files that i have under /themes/

the point is to take Yii parameters (Yii::app()->params… ) and other functions like generation URLs, languages for modals, etc…

is there a way to do so? i want to mantain views clean of js… maybe including some file or something??


Anyone? any sugestion please?

PHP does not parse any js files, so you cannot use Yii there. It would be possible to render a js file as result from a Yii action (e.g. let a Yii URL rule match "myscript.js" and write a controller action that outputs js) , but i would not consider this a clean approach. Instead you should try to write generic javascript code (easy to compress and cacheable on clientside) and make the dynamic parts configurable through some inline script block in your Yii generated HTML.