Excuse me, can I use yii3 for my new project (production environment)?

I feel that yii3 is very good, and I can’t help but want to use and update the project. May I use it for a new project? Or for local use, what should be noted if it can be used?

I don’t think that you have to excuse for anything! :] That is a very good question.

Did you notice “Looking for Yii 3 progress?” button in the homepage? When you click it, you’ll see a message that says:

Released 95/115 packages

That’s 83% of all packages already released. I’d say that it is pretty much mature for starting a new project.

Of course everything depends on the size of your project and number of end-users your design it for. If you have 10-20 persons teams working constantly on this single project only then you may soon reach the place where some package is still not available for Yii 3. But for smaller projects I’d definitely consider it.

I have started a new project a year ago. “Still” in Yii 2. If starting a new project right now, I would still go for Yii 2. But that has nothing to do with the maturity if Yii 3. I am simply not convinced that I need Yii 3. I think that the dev team has done a really, really good job creating Yii 2 and I have everything that I need right there.

And even, if support for Yii 2 will eventually be stopped (first general, then security fixes) then I am still in the lucky position that I am developing mostly projects for a very-small to small group of users. Sometimes even for just a couple of them. So I think even then I’ll be able to handle things myself.

But, if the scale of your project or group of potential users is large then I’d definitely go Yii 3.

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Short answer is: If all packages you will depend on are released, then Yes!

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Thank you for your perfect and detailed explanation. I will take a look at the current completion progress and see if the completed modules meet the needs of the project. :100:

Thank you. I have reviewed the completed list and it should meet the project requirements。

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