Exception message shown bottom of pages(after footer)

As the image shown below, i wonder why there is exception messages shown at bottom of the custom error page. error_reporting was set to 0 at index.php, debug mode was off. And didn’t echo any error message at custom error view page.

Appreciate if anyone who can help me.

Yii1 app calling action “enquiry-cart”. (Hyphens allowed in Yii2)
See this old discussion https://forum.yiiframework.com/t/adding-dash-to-actions-e-g-http-yii-com-admin-add-account/32719

Hi Tri, Thanks for answering me, but do you know where to disable all those exception message showing on the pages ?

You should find the cause for the exception (search the code for enquiry-cart).
I think debug is enabled.
Also read about the CWebLogRoute https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/topics.logging#message-routing

Its is happening in all pages. Really thanks for the info about the CWebLogRoute. I will look into it.