http://www.excellenc…omobile.com.sg/ is an online used-car catalog site i have developed fully using Yii, with the Yii Skeleton Application as a base and various extensions (like the Image extension to handle thumbnail generation) etc.

The entire site was developed as a freelance project for a local used-car exporter (local where i live, which is in Singapore).

The site enables public user registration and login as well as search for the catalog section.

For the administrator interface (which i will be unable to show you), i allowed the admin user to add/edit/delete cars and users.

I also modified the "JEditable" extension that came with the Yii Skeleton Application to use TinyMCE, so the entire site, when logged in as an Admin user, has a "click to edit" CMS functionality.

Do take a look around and give us your comments. I would be happy to share any pieces of code you are interested in if possible, though actually the site was developed in a little bit of a hurry so some of the code may not be optimal and/or easily reusable.

Great Job. I am surprised that you can turn the skeleton app into such a nice looking website. Did you use any stock photo for the cars right below the nav bar? Very impressive.

In the detail action, what do you use to show the pictures? Is the  excellenceautomobile.js opensource?

Yes, the banners were all made using purchased stock photos.

I merely used the Skeleton Application as a base for things like user roles and authentications, but there is some pretty heavy modification too.

Excellenceautomobile.js is just the javascript of all the jquery widgets that i was using (autocomplete, some jquery based AJAX pagination script from the skeleton application that i modified for my own purposes, masked inputs for the contact number fields), in one file and JSMin-ed for optimal size.

The "gallery" script is just a simple custom written jquery-based javascript.

Nice site Wilson. Who do you host with? It is very speedy.

I am from Singapore too. Perhap we can hit a kopitiam. I want to hear your views on developing the site.

That’s great!



This is a great site wilson and am just on the preparation of building a similar site for my local community.

Thanks again

Looks good, On your list page: http://www.excellenceautomobile.com.sg/stock-list/make/all/

In the list you give an overview of each car I would have the make clickable, so the first on the list stock #EA2157 the make BMW would be clickable to: http://www.excellenceautomobile.com.sg/stock-list/make/bmw/