VideoJS HTML5 Video Player extension for Yii Framework.

EVideoJS extends CWidget and implements a base class for the VideoJS HTML5 Video Player.

Please report problems, bugs and ideas in this thread.


Would be nice with the loop attribute too for the video.

And since we all like web 2.0 ;) it would be nice to be able to easily change the parameters for video. I know I can change the DOM, but would be much easier if a .js was included to set all the parameters on the fly. Perhaps something like: videojs.change(<id>, <parameter>, <value>); This way I can change the video without loading the page, and also don’t need to know your inner coding of the component.

I used the extension, but I got an error when viewing with IE8, IE7

It said something like "200, stream not found, NetStream, StreamNotFound, clip"[clip]/videos/movie.m4v"

IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox (with ogv) all works fine.

Searched and found some people claiming player version 3.2.7 fixes the problem. I modified all your references from 3.2.1 to 3.2.7, but still on go.

Please help, thank you.

I don’t think IE7 and IE8 supports HTML5 video.

I could be wrong, though - but I highly doubt it. :P

They don’t, but the fall back to flash should work.

Unless he is testing it on localhost.

AFAIK, Flash has some restrictions, and IE too.

Just try a virtual host if that’s an issue.

Thanx for the reply. I’m testing it on a local virtual server…

Can you put your source code (or do you mind if I will do it?) on github?

I would like to update it to the newest version of VideoJS.

I’ve just start using this extension and everything works just fine, except playing mp4 files in Firefox.

Has anybody found a fix for this issue?


Hi, I’ve try using this extension. I have any problem to make a custom player. I want a button that can play my video from any ‘start_time’. I’ve try to set like this :

<script type="text/javascript">   

    play1.onclick = function() {

	var myPlayer = VideoJS.setup("current_video");





play1 is the button id and current_video is the video id.

anyone know what should i do?