Events on links by default

I realised that Yii adds by some reason an event to ALL my links. No matter if I create them with Html::a or with pure html, the following event is always binded to the link:

var handler = function(event) {

  var $this = $(this),

    method = $'method'),

    message = $'confirm');


  if (method === undefined && message === undefined) {

    return true;



  if (message !== undefined) {

    pub.confirm(message, function() {



  } else {




  return false;


Why does this happens? Some of my plugins are not working because of this weird behavior.

What event should Yii add?


The reason is that yii recognize data-method and data-confirm html attributes. This helps building links or actions with specifics http method and to display confirmation message, for example:

<a href='item/delete?id=1' data-method='post' data-confirm='do you realy want to delete'>Delete</a>

If your plugins don’t use thoose attributes, they should not be affected by this behaviour.

what kind of error do you get ?