Event cross modules

Hi all,

My application is a project management system which have many modules. When users working on a project, there are many tabs:

Project detail | Milestones | Checklists | Tickets | Bugs | …

Each tabs are added by own;s modules, so that I need to raise an event onProjectTabs to all modules to collect tabs.

Each module (extends CModule) have a method which define event and attach handlers for them. Then I add helper EventHelper::raiseModuleEvent('onProjectTabs', new ProjectTabsEvent()). This helper list all module and call $module->onProjectTabs($event).

It work fine. But may be there are build-in module's event solve this scenario? Please give me some advice. Thanks!

So you want to raise events in a module from another module or the application? Not just handle events at the application level?

I want to raise event from any where to all module register listen this event