Event Calendar Widget?


Attached, you can find a screenshot of an event calendar or so as to speak , an editable calendar where I can set the price , make notes etc.,

Do we have such a widget or an extension in YII?



So anyone can give me a hint here please?! :)

Hi Everyone!

Could you please let me know how can I create a calendar widget like the one attached?



No, there’s no such a widget.

PS. as for me, it’s better to spend a couple of hours on creating one on your own instead of waiting for five days for the answer.

Thanks for the reply ORey

I am actually new to creating the widget. Do you know any tutorial anywhere on how to create own widget? I dont want to spend hours on internet doing research and then end up doing something that I will not help me. And do you think that this can be done in a couple of hours?