Euro Currency and Maskedinput

Good morning,

I need advice on how to use currency format, in my case Euro.

In web.cfg I put, as the guide:

    	'formatter' => [

        	'dateFormat' => 'dd.MM.yyyy',

        	'decimalSeparator' => ',',

        	'thousandSeparator' => ' ',

        	'currencyCode' => 'EUR',


This allows me to use:

  • in GridView


            	'attribute' => 'amount',

            	'format' => 'currency'


  • In DetailView

	<?= DetailView::widget([

    	'model' => $model,

    	'attributes' => [




	]) ?>

Regarding ActiveForm instead I’m a bit confused. I tried the plugin yii2-money, but honestly his use is a bit unnatural. So I believe that the only alternative is to use the widget MaskedInput.php.

I saw that it can be used directly in ActiveField:

* <?= $form->field($model, 'from_date')->widget(\yii\widgets\MaskedInput::className(), [

 * 	'mask' => '999-999-9999',

 * ]) ?>

I think I should use an alias, but I have difficulty on how to implement it. If I were to use jquery.inputmask directly, I think I should write something like:



 		groupSeparator: ".", 

 		digits: 2,

 		autoGroup: true,

 		prefix: '€'


but I have some difficulty on how to do the same with MaskedInput. Can you show to me an example? Or, there is a better system for the same purpose?