Hi all,

I am using EUploadedImage. I want to check if an image has been uploaded before it is saved. How do i do it. I have tried using the code


	$model->sketches = EUploadedImage::getInstance($model,'sketches');


$model->sketches ='';

but it doesnt work. Whether an image is uploadded or not $model->sketches is always set to null.

Can anybosy please help me with the same.

Thanks in advance.



hello, can you help me with the extension euploadedimage you created? I do not know how I can import it to use it in my application yii. all the methods I tried were flawed.

I tried to require, include, Yii: import, but nothing worked.

I tried the main.php config component and extension, but I had no success.

when trying to use a static class (EUploadedImage :: getInstance ($ model, ‘image’)) always returns null, even though the file is raise.