EUpdateDialog don't work

Hi all!

I use EUpdateDialog and it don’t work.

I did all as here eupdatedialog.

But instead of a modal window the reference opens.

What to me to do?

[color=blue]<?php[/color][color=blue]$this[/color]->[color=green]widget[/color][color=olive]([/color] [color=red]’[/color][color=red]ext.EUpdateDialog.EUpdateDialog[/color][color=red]’[/color] [color=olive])[/color];[color=blue]?>[/color][color="#0000ff"]Extension should be downloaded in site extension directory in App[/color]


Now the calendar doesn’t work in my modal window, but in main window it works. How to force a calendar to work?

You need to preload the scripts in the main window.