ESLDirectory - Yii 2.0

At the beginning of the month we relaunched our ESLDirectory website as a Yii 2.0 application. The site was originally built over a decade ago using Smarty templates, so this was quite an update. So excited about the capabilities that Yii 2.0 offers, and glad to finally be able to utilize it on something big (most of our other major applications are running on Yii 1.1.18 now). It was an adventure to get the bootstrap classes working with the bootstrap 4.0, but the flexibility was there to do so!

Hi, beautiful site.

Just like yii, stackoverflow etc, your site also do not have https for login or register. How do you ensure the credentials are not leaked? Your answer will help me as I am working on a project where the usage of https is a matter which is not yet decided because of the processing power required and budget.