Hi all. I just posted an extension that keeps headers and footers constant on your grid view tables while allowing the rows to scroll. I’ve needed it more than once, so I thought I would put it out there. I hope this helps some folks with similar needs!

Get it here

Things to mention:

Ajax updating of the table is disabled for the time being. I couldn’t figure out how to gracefully rerun the javascript to make the table scrollable after the ajax update, so I just stopped it.

This works on class and not id (because CGridView doesn’t set ids on the table that I could see), so if you want to use this and a regular gridview on the same page, make sure to change the classname of the EScrollableGridView!

Hi, I use your extension and I get satisfy until there, however… I would precise that it’s a mess to manage width of header, columns etc… mostly when we just zoom (ctrl+’+’ or ctrl+’-’)… or when we want to get a fix width of 100% etc… I gave a look n the javascript code, and I don’t understand really why we use javascript to set width… why not use CSS and particularly the same class and id than GridView use in order to not lose the css we customize for other grid.

If I wanted to change the column header color, where would I change that? The style css file used by the underlying cgridview seems not to have effect, at least in the th class definition anymore.