ERunActions::touchUrl() not working in the server

   public function actionTouchUrl() {

        $url = 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/test/timeConsumingProcess';

        echo $url; echo '<br>';

        $params = array('str'=>'Hello John');

        //ini_set("error_log", "php-error.log");

        //error_log("Log text here..." . time().'----Test');

        $postData = null;

        $contentType = null;


        echo "Touched";


    public function actionTimeConsumingProcess(){

       //Email code notification here...


link :

My Yii version is 1.1 also I have downloaded extension from

ERunActions::touchUrl() is working fine for my localhost. But not working in server. If I direct hit timeConsumingProcess then email working fine.

Please help…

Hi Chinmay Sahu,

Have you checked the case sensitivity? may be?

I am facing same problem. it is working fine in local but not working in server.

my local environment same as server environment.

Note - it is working fine in another server.

Please help