I was wondering how to adjust the text “Please fix the following input errors”, I want to replace it with a dutch equivalent. Tried searching for the string in the files in my modules, but I expect it’s in the framework itself.

It’s late on a friday so yeah, I can easily overlook this string in all the pages. So how can I adjust it?

Probably an easy solution I overlooked.

framework\web\helpers\CHtml.php line 1502

i guess it’s better to translate it, using i18n

Yea, It’s based on the language your currently viewing. And that string is a default framework string which is located under framework/messages/LANG/yii.php what you can try is to override the translation by adding a file to your application folder protected/messages/LANG/yii.php and return an array with just that string as the key and the value will be the translated text. Though i never tested this and not sure if that would work or even allowed by Yii standards, I know that it’s written all over that you should not use ‘yii’ as the category name since it’s a reserved word.

Aah thanks guys, while browsing through the yii.php files I saw there was also a directory with the dutch translations, and the string I want to replace was translated in there, though not entirely proper dutch. Going to look and see if I can find out how to enable the other language set.

Solved by using:

Yii::app()->language = 'nl';