errorSummary always empty

I am validating two models using this technique. It all works fine expect I will never see any error when I am supposed to. So whenever the form validates then everything goes accordingly. If there is a validation error though I do not get any errors back to errorSummary.

Within the view I try to echo it with this command:

<?php echo $form->errorSummary(array($modelOne, $modelTwo)); ?>

This gets executed and successfully prints the dummy list in the form.

If I run this in my controller…

if($modelOne->validate()) {

	echo "validated";

} else {

	echo "not validated";


…I successfully get the appropriated echos for either case. However, when the model does not validate I do not see any error messages. The errorSummary list stays empty with the dummy element.

Any ideas how I can trouble shoot this?