Errors Occur When Login The Form..

i am trying to add registration feature in my application for which I installed Yii user management module (yum) in it. when i am using it, i am able to register myself with my email id and other details, i am also getting the email on my registered id with the activation link and activation message is being displayed on clicking the link.

however, when i try to log in with the username/password or email/password …it says you cant log in with these credentials.

please help me find out the solution for this error and how could i fix it.

Thanks :)

I don’t know Yii User Management (prefer Rights), so I don’t know, which steps are mentioned in YUM’s installation guide?

But if you installed YUM directly to an auto-generated Yii demo application, then first thing you have to check is, if you have changed UserIdentity class (stored in protected/components), if it is getting login information out of database and the same table, YUM uses to store created accounts? In default, base demo app, it is using just an example associative array, leaving implementation of real login system to the developer.

If you haven’t touched this part, then you can login only with demo/demo or admin/admin, no matter, how many users you create in YUM.

If you, however, changed UserIdentity class, and you’re sure, it is getting user information out of the same db/table that YUM uses, then it could be YUM-related problem and you should post your question to the forum directly devoted to YUM.