Errore Con Namespaces E Funzione Use

Hi guys,

i’m using ApaiIO library to read Amazon URL.

I followed the instructions to install e setup the composer.json, and all works perfectly on a external file (in my root dir on server). Now i need to import the library into my controller to use the funztions over there.

I setup my controller class with the same parameters but don’t work. Namespaces incorrect?

This is my function into my controller:

protected function getAmazonPrice($url, $product_id) {		

		require_once "vendor/autoload.php";

		use ApaiIO\Configuration\GenericConfiguration;

		use ApaiIO\Operations\Search;

		use ApaiIO\ApaiIO;

		use ApaiIO\Operations\Lookup;

		$conf = new GenericConfiguration();


                return $price;


Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance