error with yii shell

Hi everybody!

I’m a noob, and I’m trying to generate CRUD model. My problem is when I try to execute yhe yii shell, the following message is displayed.

error: index.php does not exist or is not a script file

I had the same result when I was trying to create the default application, but I executed the alternative command (php YiiRoot/framework/yiic.php webapp testdrive) in xampp/php/ folder.

How could I "say" to yii when are the php files required??

Thank you for your attention, greetings

Hi javi_08,

assuming Yii is installed in C:\project\lib\php\yii-1.1.3.r2247\framework and that your Yii app is in C:\project\MyApp try :

C:\project\lib\php\yii-1.1.3.r2247\framework\yiic shell C:\project\MyApp\index.php

To create the skeleton app it would be :

C:\project\lib\php\yii-1.1.3.r2247\framework\yiic webapp c:\project\AnotherApp

As you can see, this example is for Windows but it should work the same on other OS.

Hope this helps



try to start yiic from your application protected folder

yiic shell ../index.php