Error With Migrate.

Hi, I’ve just used migrate for the first time and this already generated me an error.

Firstly, I did not find any method to use the safeUp() instead of the up() only. I did ‘migrate’ and then it “succesfully migrated” the DB but it did nothing, because the up() didn’t have anything.

Now I don’t find where the “history” is, because it says I have an history and my DB is empty, and I need to apply the safeUp() method.

I just commented the up() and down() methods, and the system seems to be using these now.

Any help?

Now I see it’s using the data/testdrive.db… how the hell does that happens? I already commented de db component that pointed to that DB :S

In ‘protected/config/console.php’ ?

That’s the one used by yiic.

Hmmm yes I found it… I thought one connection string would be enough… thanks.