Error when try generate Model with gii & Oracle

Hi guys. I’m face a problem since yesterday afternoon when I try generate a Model using gii and Oracle. It shows me a following error:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 942 OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


The SQL being executed was: SELECT username

FROM dba_users u



FROM dba_objects o

WHERE o.owner = u.username )

AND default_tablespace not in ('SYSTEM','SYSAUX')

I don’t know why it try access this table. I can create 2 complete CRUDs before it.

Someone face the same problem? Who to fix it?

Someone know why Yii try to seach on a view that only DBASYS have permission?

It’s very strange to me.

hey dude, I’m having the same problem already some time, I’m

trying generate one crud in the version 2.0 with template

advanced and oracle, and it does’t allow me to create becouse

of this research but tables of the schema i see regularly, do

you have any tip?

eai cara, estou tendo o mesmo problema ja a um certo tempo,

estou tentando gerar um crud na versão 2.0 do advanced com o

oracle e ele não me da permissão por conta dessa pesquisa mas

as tableas do banco ele enxerga normal, você tem alguma dica?

Well, I need to grant these users do it. Other thing I used the DB owner.

Looking at code I guess that is used to create cross schema relation.

At this moment is supported only by postgresql ad oracle (at least the method findSchemaName() in present only in these 2 driver)

Other db get tables only from current schema.

I have to say that is a bit strange since at least in mysql is possible to do the same but the method has not been implemented in the driver

Probably is necessary to raise an excpetion in case of permission denied in the oracle driver like in the corresponding method of the base Schema class


	protected function findSchemaNames()


    	throw new NotSupportedException(get_class($this) . ' does not support fetching all schema names.');


thanks, I managed to solve the problem,

after much urge the DBA

Obrigado, consegui resolver dessa forma,

Despois de muito discutir com o DBA