Error when executing update method on the activerecord (Model)


While trying to update a record in the database (table paku represented by model paku); I get Error say:

{“name”:“Database Exception”,“message”:"SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Champ ‘nom’

inconnu dans NEW\nThe SQL being executed was: UPDATE participants SET comme=‘KOKO’,

token=‘v2rPNg-iMuWL5e6zB-a_CO7vhzAFPqbL’ WHERE idplay=‘2’",“code”:42,“type”:“yii\\db\\Exception”,“file”:


C:\\wamp\\www\\kika\\vendor\\yiisoft\\yii2\\db\\Command.php(791): yii\\db\\Schema->

convertException(Object(PDOException), ‘UPDATE `partici…’)","#1

C:\\wamp\\www\\kika\\vendor\\yiisoft\\yii2\\db\\ActiveRecord.php(210): yii\\db\\Command->execute()","#2


yii\\db\\ActiveRecord::updateAll(Array, Array)","#3 C:\\wamp\\www\\kika\\vendor\\yiisoft\\yii2\\db

\\ActiveRecord.php(530): yii\\db\\BaseActiveRecord->updateInternal(NULL)","#4 C:\\wamp\\www\\kika\\vendor

\\yiisoft\\yii2\\db\\BaseActiveRecord.php(595): yii\\db\\ActiveRecord->update(false, NULL)","#5

C:\\wamp\\www\\kika\\controllers\\bienController.php(296): yii\\db\\BaseActiveRecord->save(false)",

#6 [internal function]: app\\controllers\\bienController->actionUpdateplay(‘2’, ‘4’, ‘what’)”,

the error is longer than that but I think the message above can make it understandble; I don’t know what it the problem:

The table has the following column :idplay,comme,idju,name,pa,username,email

And the model properties are : /**

  • This is the model class for table "paku".

  • @property integer $idplay

  • @property string $lienphoto//Add in the model

  • @property string $comme

  • @property string $idju

  • @property string $name

  • @property integer $pa

  • @property string $email

  • @property string $username


as You can see the field named nom is not there; It was before but , I removed it from the model and the table;So I don’t know where it is coming from!!! I need your help.

If you are running in a prod environment maybe the column names are cached …