Error on Issue

Hello friends

I have a problem when I click on Create Issue. On the create form the fields: owner and requester are empty. I review the code and don’t found the error. Somebody knows where the error?

See the imagem:

Can you please ensure that you have users associated to this project (from the url in your screenshot it looks like project_id = 8 ) in the following table


i.e. run

[sql]select user_id from tbl_project_user_assignment where project_id = 8[/sql]

Do you get any rows back?

Hello friend.

Sorry for the delay. I had problem with my computer.

You were right, I put this code:

select user_id from tbl_project_user_assignment where project_id = 1

on table tbl_project_user_assignment and don’t return any arrow. I put manually this code direct on table:

insert into tbl_project_user_assignment(project_id, user_id)values(1,1);

and after it, the Issue worked right.

But I have a doubt, even I need create to a new project I need put manually on table tbl_project_user_assignment the relation? Or I lost something on the book?