Error on index page

Hi, and please help

I have an website with about 1400 visitors every month, but I have a big problem with my setup. I moved yii from one server to another, but the new server makes my front index page to be an error page. If I try to change it, it will not show my site at all…

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

Kind regards


What error did you see? Open your index.php file, it may be damaged when you modved via FTP , etc.

There are 1000 possible reasons for this. The classics:


[*]The htdocs path is not set correctly

[*]The webserver doesn’t have read access to the yii folder

[*]Wrong paths set in index.php


Ah, that sounds like some very good suggestions. What do you mean with the htdocs path?

And why shouldn’t the server be able to find the yii folder? Everything is working correctly, except that instead of finding “site/default.php” it finds Error. Is this controlled in a htdoc?

If you want proper help you need to post here the error you get…

It’s not that your app finds the error page and uses it as the homepage… it’s that your application generates an error and that’s why the error page is shown…

As already written above… anything can produce an arror… so you need to start from the error message…

As you changed server… first thing to do is to check the Yii requirements -

and second thing would be to check the permissions of the assets and runtime folders…

Hi Kemster,

May be you can give a screen capture or share the log error as you seen