Error Nâ°6 Impossible To Load The Image

hii guys,

     I am using html2pdf extension to create pdf. in that i have [b]Mstclient[/b] table where i have image stored in binary format. and also written [b]loadimage[/b] action in [b]mstclientController[/b].

when i have written following code in htmlpage.php to display image in pdf i get following error:

[b]ERROR n°6

File : C:\xampp\htdocs\yii-appp\protected\extensions\tcpdf\HTML2PDF.php

Line : 1319

Impossible to load the image C:/xampp/htdocs/yii-appp/index.php?r=Mstclient/loadImage&id=10[/b]


$this->widget('zii.widgets.CDetailView', array(

						'data'=>new Mstclient(),



							  'name'=>'Client Logo',


		                'value'=>CHtml::image(Yii::app()->controller->createUrl('Mstclient/loadImage', array('id'=>'10'))				                                                                                ,'alt'








Please follow below approach

you have to use image … have a look at example