error message ordering


I want suggest one feature.

Ordering of error messages after validation.

What I mean?

For example, one variables could be validated in few rules.

array(‘a, b, c …’, ‘valFunc1’…),

array(‘a, b, c …’, ‘valFunc2’…),

this way comfortable for developers, but users want to see variable oriented way to show error message.

in this case (see above)

error message will be showed as:

a - not good 1.1

b - not good 1.2

a - not good 2.1

b - not good 2.2

it’s bad view.

sometimes good view is

a - not good 1.1

a - not good 2.1

b - not good 1.2

b - not good 2.2


of course now we have to chance get this order of error message, but what price of it ?

array(‘a’, ‘valFunc1’…),

array(‘a’, ‘valFunc2’…),

array(‘b’, ‘valFunc1’…),

array(‘b’, ‘valFunc2’…),


too much lines, espcially then u have form with more than 2 variables.

What you think ?


P.S. or maybe this feature always in framework, and I can’t find it ?

I’d like to broaden this feature request.

There should be a possibility to have the validation error messages shown in the order of the submitting form. It’s a strange thing from a user’s point of view to see an html form he/she just filled out in the order a, b, c and get error messages in a completely different order.

Of, course I could change the rules()'s order every time I change the html form. But view and model should be coupled so tightly.