error loading geoip extension


I recently installed kartik’s Yii2 Practical-A (i think you guys know it, it’s the one based on yii2-advanced template) but I’m getting an error:

note: refreshing the page the error disappears

I contacted my hosting support (I’ve a semi-dedicated setup with SSH access to the machine, composer worked to install Yii) and they just suggested to get a look at phpinfo(), and quitted saying they don’t support 3rd parties, as expected.

phpinfo() has no info about any geoip extension, so it’s not installed (bonus: _SERVER has some GEOIP_something variables set)

Since my hosting has Softaculous, one of those stuff to autoinstall cms and other things, which offers Yii2 (and it works), I don’t know what’s going on.

So what do I do? Maybe the path is just wrong, how do I change it? In worst case scenario, how do I disable geoip use?


just for the records: I switched to yii2 basic template, error persisted. I went to cPanel and switched PHP version from 5.5 (native) to 5.5 and it worked.