Error in using zii.widgets.CPortlet

hi all

I am new to yii, I am trying to use cportlet as descriped in Creating User Menu Portlet but I get an error message "include(Portlet.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory"

can anyone help me to get it works.

thanks in advanced.

can you post you code please

Your class should extend [size="3"]C[/size]Portlet, not Portlet.

Thannks Boaz

you are right, that worked.but I did not understand,if you check the Creating Login Portlet you will find that it extends portlet not CPortlet but in Creating User Menu Portlet it extends the CPortlet not Portlet.So what is the difference?

Thanks again for all of you :).

Right. I thought there was a bug in the docs (could happen) but then I noticed that the docs are for Yii v1.0. There’s typically two strands of documentation - for v1.0 and for v1.1. You need to read (probably) only the docs for v1.1.

For usage of CPortlet in v1.1 see this page.