Error in the database conection

I was working in a small project and I need to show it to the client, but the problem is that when I upload the project to a server it says "CDbConnection falló al abrir la conexion a la base de datos: could not find driver" but in my local server for testing it was ok. Which could be the problem?

You not specify what kind your database and how you set up it in /config/main.php

Sorry I forget that detail, the db is mysql and I set it in this way in main.php:








Did you try to run the requirements checker on your shared hosting environment?

I think that your PHP installation must have PDO enabled for MySQL. Did you check that?

Fk! it was that, the PDO MySQL Extension says Failed. I will try to contact the hosting administrator, I don't think they will take a look, but I will try. If not, is there any other solution?

Maybe they will enable it if you contact them, don't lose hope yet.