ERROR : Class app\runtime\Paramsglobal does not exist

I have designed a Yii2 advanced App.

On the Localhost it works fine no errors.

I just uploaded my files on a shared hosting server (following instructions in the Docs)

Now on the Shared Hosting Server it is showing this Error:

exception ‘ReflectionException’ with message ‘Class app\runtime\Paramsglobal does not exist’ in /home/tryjambc/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/di/Container.php:415

Please someone should help me solve this Error !

Thanks in Advance !

I am using Yii2 Advanced.

On localhost I worked with Windows WAMP, Php 5.4. No issues, everything worked Fine !

Now I have uploaded my files to a Shared Hosting Server - Linux, Apache, Php 5.5

If i visit the site e.g , I get HTTP-500 Internal Server Error. No Entry is being made to app.log file.

I have changed Yii DEBUG to TRUE and YII_ENV to dev.

I want all errors to display on the Browser so I can quickly see it, But I keep getting HTTP-500 Internal Server Error !

Please kindly help solve this issue !!

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Please don’t start another topic with the same issue.

You have to check the server log for the error, before you look at app.log.