Error 500

hello all,

To start, I am brand new to yii and had to pick up on someone else’s code. I currently have the app running correctly on the server it’s been on but when i try to put it in xampp it freaks out and tells me “Only variables should be passed by reference” I checked the application error log and have determined that the code snippet its complaining about is:

public function actionIncome_expense( $start_date = null, $end_date = null )


        $report = new ReportIncome_expense;

        $report->set_dates($start_date, $end_date);

        $this->render('income_expense', array(

            'report' => $report,



Any help would be appreciated :)

To add more info to this I am using chrome as my browser and yii version 1.1.5 , php 5.3.8 and xampp 1.7.7

Well it looks like I goofed on my end and didn’t set my php.ini to disable E_Strict all is well now.

Thanks again for this post. I had same "Error 500 internal server errors" and it spared me some searches!

So I just commented this line from my cgi/php.ini

;error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED