error 500 in production mode

I’ve uploaded my application and framework to the correct folders on the server but now i get this error: Use of undefined constant Yii - assumed ‘Yii’, this is in production mode.

If i go to debug mode to see the logs, i don’t get much wiser because they tell me that it isn’t my coding but something in a file of the framework.

Does anyone know of a solution, or had this problem too?

Every bit of advice is apriciated,



Backtrace would be good in order to see what file causes the error. You have no log for production mode?

this is everything:

PHP Error


Use of undefined constant Yii - assumed 'Yii'

Source File


00381:             else

00382:                 $controllerID.='/';

00383:             $className=ucfirst($id).'Controller';

00384:             $classFile=$basePath.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$className.'.php';

00385:             if(is_file($classFile))

00386:             {

00387:                 if(!class_exists($className,false))

00388:                     require($classFile);

00389:                 if(class_exists($className,false) && is_subclass_of($className,'CController'))

00390:                 {

00391:                     $id[0]=strtolower($id[0]);

00392:                     return array(

00393: new $className($controllerID.$id,$owner===$this?null:$owner),

00394:                         $this->parseActionParams($route),

00395:                     );

00396:                 }

00397:                 return null;

00398:             }

00399:             $controllerID.=$id;

00400:             $basePath.=DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$id;

00401:         }

00402:     }


00404:     /**

00405:      * Parses a path info into an action ID and GET variables.

Stack Trace

#0 /home/tim/ CWebApplication->createController()

#1 /home/tim/ CWebApplication->createController()

#2 /home/tim/ CWebApplication->runController()

#3 /home/tim/ CWebApplication->processRequest()

#4 /home/tim/ CWebApplication->run()

2010-03-09 23:14:57 Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Yii Framework/1.1.0

Application Log

Timestamp 	Level 	Category 	Message

23:14:57.556791 	trace 	system.web.CModule 	

Loading "log" application component

23:14:57.558175 	trace 	system.web.CModule 	

Loading "request" application component

23:14:57.559530 	trace 	system.web.CModule 	

Loading "urlManager" application component

23:14:57.560777 	trace 	system.base.CModule 	

Loading "about" module

23:14:57.563322 	error 	php 	

Use of undefined constant Yii - assumed 'Yii'


Stack trace:







#2 /home/tim/



23:14:57.563472 	trace 	system.web.CModule 	

Loading "errorHandler" application component

23:14:57.564430 	trace 	system.web.CModule 	

Loading "themeManager" application component

For further debugging do:




right after line 391


Post output then.

Also maybe you can try version 1.1.1 from trunk? Maybe this is indeed some kind of bug and was fixed already.

The error doesn’t make sense. Where is “Yii” in the call stack?

Did you enable any byte cache on the production server? If so, you may need to shutdown and restart your web server.

Everything in the framework folder comes directly from the zip downloaded from the website, and everything that can be done by console command has been done by console command.

I’ve copied everything to the server and the only lines i changed is index.php, disabled the debugging and and in main.php disabled the preload of the log component.

I don’t use any caching or whatsoever, and the requirements fit the requirements of the framework.


I don’t know what it was but it’s gone now (yay!)

I deleted everything and uploaded everything again and now for some reason it works fine