Error 404

Error 404

The system is unable to find the requested action "department".

I am a ‘Raw Newbie’ trying to expand upon Larry Ullman’s introductory tutorial on Yii where you create an employee MVC and department MVC. I want to add an item to the skeleton webapp menu bar created by yiic, which I have successfully done by adding the following line:

array(‘label’=>‘Department’, ‘url’=>array(’/site/department’)),

To the Cmenu widgit in the /protected/views/layouts/main.php file,

The site displays my item with its label "Department" upon loading.

When I try and click on "Department" I get:

[b]Error 404

The system is unable to find the requested action "department".[/b]

When I look in : /protected/views/site : there is no entry for department.php. Do I need to create the department.php or can it be found in another location and moved to the ‘site’ location?

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yes you need to create department.php and department action in site controller to render this view

You need to create a department action in your site controller.

In protected/controllers/SiteController.php,


class SiteController extends Controller




    public function actionDepartment()





You’ll obviously want to render a view instead of text.

So you have already created Employee CRUD and Department CRUD with Gii? No need to modify SiteController or anything in views/site then. Just use the appropriate controller id/action id routes in CMenu:

array('label'=>'Department', 'url'=>array('/department/index')),

array('label'=>'Employee', 'url'=>array('/employee/index')),  

Thank you so much for your help…those two pieces of code worked like a charm and both screens were rendered in my app…Thanks Again